2012 Decorating Ideas: Vintage Eclectic

A blend of a tough economy and people re-arranging their priorities accordingly, a new style of home decor has risen. While people still want to love the look of their homes (and their home accessories,) we’ve all found that there are more important things in life than home accessories and decor. Thus, vintage eclectic home decor has grown in popularity and today, remains one of the more popular styles to emerge in recent years. Here’s the low down on vintage eclectic decor and how to bring the look into your own home.

Understanding Vintage Eclectic Home Decor

To fully understand this style, you must first look at each style separately before combining the two. Vintage eclectic blends two styles: vintage and eclectic.

To start, we’ll look at vintage home decor. Vintage decor is surprisingly easy to understand, but also surprisingly complex. In short, the style encompasses just about any vintage look from vintage farmhouse pieces to vintage mid century pieces and so forth. However, the one thing these variations all have in common: the term ‘vintage.’

Vintage is a term that is used by many professionals to define items that are less than 100 years old, but more than (shockingly) a year old. This is because the term, which has been used on everything from furniture and home accessories to fashion and wine, is used based on the individual item. For example, fashion can be considered “vintage” after just a few seasons (and thus, being barely a year old) whereas wine might be “vintage” from a few years ago and certain decor styles may also be “vintage” but may be more than 10 years of age.

On the other hand, eclectic is similar but vastly different from vintage. For example, eclectic itself encompasses a variety of styles, but all of these styles have one thing in common: they’re eclectic. For example, you could have mid-century modern blended with contemporary for an updated eclectic decor look; or you could have Victorian blended with art deco for an entirely different look; though both styles would still be classified as “eclectic” home decor.

When combined, these two terms are relatively loosely defined, as you’ve already seen. Vintage eclectic home decor can refer to a plethora of different styles. You could easily combine a two or more different styles that are modern, while also incorporating vintage pieces into the mix to achieve a “vintage eclectic” look. However, you can also combine a variety of entirely vintage pieces together (though all from varying decor styles) to create an entirely different look that is still classified as vintage eclectic.

Fortunately, no matter what style of decor your space currently features, you could easily blend your existing furniture and other pieces in with a few new home accessories to create a vintage eclectic look. Remember, the style is about incorporating vintage pieces as well as a variety of other pieces together for a unique look. Knowing what the style is to begin with is the majority of the battle. Once you know what you’re dealing with, all you’ve got to do is get started!

Decorating a Studio Apartment

When you live in a studio apartment, you’re probably not really thinking of the home decor. Fortunately, just because you live in a studio apartment, doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful home accessories and decor. In fact, the internet is a vital resource of different decorating ideas, home accessories and other items that can make your studio apartment look and feel like a home, even if it’s just one room with a bed in it and a kitchen up against the wall.


The most important step in a well decorated space is to de-clutter. Get rid of everything you’re not using or don’t need. This is especially true of living in a tight space, because in a studio apartment, space is at an ultra-premium.

That being said, with studio home decor, less may be more. Opt only to keep pieces you really love, especially when it comes to furniture, wall decor and other home accessories.

Divide the Space

Divide up the space based on your daily activities. Depending on how large your studio apartment is, this may include creating a living area, a kitchen area and a sleeping area. Large studio apartments, particularly lofts, may even give you adequate space for having a dining area or an office space.

When dividing up the space, be sure to include plenty of storage space. Avoid open storage, as this creates a more cluttered look that is unsuited for small space home decor.

Multi-purpose Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is a great option for tight urban spaces. A single piece of furniture that serves as a desk and as a night stand can be a great space saver. The same goes for furniture such as ottomans that double as a coffee table, additional seating and some even offer additional storage.

Use Dividers

A divider does not necessarily mean the actual furniture piece known as a divider screen. However, you can use different furniture items to divide the space up accordingly. For example, depending on how large your studio apartment is, you may want to arrange a sofa across the space so that it separates your sleeping area from your living area.


Don’t skimp on the lighting! Just because you’ve got a smaller living space doesn’t mean you need less lighting. You need to divide up your lighting needs: task lighting, general lighting, even decorative or accent lighting.

You can use general lighting for your day to day activities, task lighting for tasks such as reading or writing and finally, decorative or accent lighting to highlight the space; such as a piece of wall art or an architectural element of the space.


Finally, don’t be afraid of color! A small space doesn’t have to be limited to light colors, in fact, as long as you keep things minimal in terms of the amount, you can use any color you desire. Bold hues, dark shades, bright, vibrant colors-anything.

Keep in mind that “keep things minimal” doesn’t mean having only a single accent wall, but it can also be interpreted as having a monochromatic color scheme or a color palette that only uses three or less colors. Having more than three colors can quickly and easily overwhelm small space home decor.

Home Decor for Bachelors and Bachelorettes

When you’re single, you’ve got a bit more freedom in terms of choosing home decorations for your space. You don’t need to consult anyone on your home accessories, as you are the only one you need to answer when you’re a bachelor or a bachelorette. Of course, with all this freedom, it can be difficult to get started on choosing the right home accessories and decor for your space. Here’s a few tips and tricks for decorating while single.

Determine What Your Style Is

If you don’t know what home decor style you’re most drawn to, you can’t even begin to decorate your space. This applies to both men and women. It’s important to figure out what styles you’re most drawn to before you rush out and start buying whatever you can find on sale at your local retailer of choice.

To do this, check out online resources for inspiration. Print out pictures of rooms that you feel particularly drawn to and eventually, you’ll figure out what styles of home decorations you’re most drawn to. Interior design styles include popular styles such as contemporary, modern, traditional; as well as lesser-known styles including steampunk, mid-century modern or shabby chic.

Set a Budget

When you know what you want, you’ll need to set up a budget. Be sure to divide that budget up accordingly and have money for everything in that particular room. For example, in the living room you’ll need furniture, wall decor, table decor, throw pillows, floor rugs and other home accessories to complete the space.

Tips for Bachelors

Bigger is better when it comes to choosing home accessories, so keep this in mind. Chances are, you don’t’ want your space to look cluttered. By choosing a single large home accessory, such as a large hammered metal vase, rather than choosing several smaller home accessories, you’ll create a cleaner, less-cluttered look.

When choosing colors, it’s okay to stay in your comfort zone. If you prefer toned down neutrals, then your home decor should reflect this. This same concept can also be applied to your furniture, wall art and other home accessories.

Tips for Bachelorettes

Remember that much like your life, your home decor must be multi-tasking. This means incorporating all of the elements: furniture, home accessories, wall art and lighting.

Next, don’t be afraid to tackle different projects around your home. You can learn to tile a backsplash, a fireplace backsplash or a floor if you put your mind to it. Plus, updating areas of your home decor can really help you pack a punch when decorating your space.

Finally, no matter whether you’re a bachelor or a bachelorette, don’t be afraid to mix and match different home decor styles. Don’t be afraid of color. Don’t be afraid to try new home accessories in your space. Home decor is flexible and if you don’t like it, you can just as easily change it, so keep this in mind when you’re working to create your single-person space.